23 9 / 2014

Remember, reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!

17 9 / 2014

Hey look, I got my headband and hair extensions for Mabel cosplay! :D

More pieces are on the way, but I still need a sweater and leg warmers (and an optional set of motivational stickers). I’m doing commissions for anyone who buys these pieces off my Amazon wishlist, here are the details if you’re interested!

15 9 / 2014

I had horrible insomnia last night and kept looking at Gravity Falls stuff on Tumblr until I came across and was greatly amused by the tag “Hunkle Stan.” Then I stayed up until 7 drawing this.

Next up on insomnia drawings? Probably Bipper.

14 9 / 2014


Even though it is only halfway through September, everyone seems to already be in the Halloween spirit!

We have 16” Large Halloween kitty plushies available now! We have Butter dressed as a zombie, and Mr.Fancy as a vampire! Very few available, so check them out http://thetinytabby.storenvy.com/

This store is awesome! My kitties are going to be getting some catnip toys from here in the near future.

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13 9 / 2014

I’m taking commissions to fund my Halloween costume: Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls! Each of the items on my Amazon wishlist can net you some art, and here’s the breakdown:

The earrings, headband and hair extensions: A head sketch, just like the first example! (~$5)

The skirt, leg warmers, and stickers: A bust sketch (ends about half-torso, includes arms) shaded with a single tone, like the second example. (~$10)

The sweatshirt and journal: A 3/4 body sketch (cuts off mid-thigh) with full color like in the third example. (~$25)

If you buy multiple items, I can draw you separate commissions or make the characters interact! Please note that these are digital only commissions, which will be emailed to you at high res. I can’t accommodate requests for personal likenesses, but I can draw animals!

If you’re interested, just buy items from the wishlist and shoot me an email (the.grace.allison@gmail.com) to let me know what you’d like! Thanks! <3

12 9 / 2014

If you’ll be attending rosecitycomiccon on September 20-21, come see elliscomics and I at booth 1217!

Find us early to secure one of our limited edition prints! Rich will be debuting his Game of Thrones design, which is printed on a luxurious felt paper, and I will be offering my last 12 Mass Effect prints with the shimmery metallic finish.

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in the tumblr tagging system, unsourced artwork is considered especially heinous. on this blogging platform, the users who source these felonies are part of an elite task force called the source your fucking artwork unit. these are their stories.



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08 9 / 2014

My piece for the pokerole-project. The category was, “a Trainer carrying his/her Pokemon to safety.”

Apparently even Ace Trainers get into jams! No matter how much she wanted a Litwick, though, she probably shouldn’t have broken into one of Giovanni’s abandoned summer homes.


08 9 / 2014

Work-in-progress of a FFVII print I&#8217;m getting ready for Nebraskon later this year. Keep an eye out for the final version in October!

Work-in-progress of a FFVII print I’m getting ready for Nebraskon later this year. Keep an eye out for the final version in October!


02 9 / 2014


Gone! Gone! The form of man, Rise the Demon Etrigan! Here’s my second #wakeupanddraw entry!

I’ve decided that I don’t draw enough monster, you can help! I’m opening up my early commissions for RCCC later this month. If you want some of this magic, just shoot me an email at elliscomics(at)gmail.com and we can make that happen.

You can also check out my Updated Etsy store, to get your hands on some of the pages from my recent Superior Foes of Spider-man fill in.


I’d feel weird commissioning my own boyfriend, but man, this makes me want to see him draw Goliath and Demona from Gargoyles SO BAD.