You’ve probably seen the art for my studio’s Kickstarter, but what about the books themselves? Here’s a rough idea of what they’ll look like!

These are dummy books, unprinted copies that are meant to show you the size and quality of the paper and binding. The individual books will be smooth and laminated, with stitched binding and a nice coated paper stock.

The hardcovers have a bit of heft to them! They will be cloth-covered, with a belly band (the strip around the middle) and a foil stamp (not featured on the dummy).

The last few images show some of our printed-out cover proofs to give you an idea of how the covers will fit on the individual books. If you’re excited to see the finished product, mosey over to our Kickstarter and become a backer!

Periscope Studio Kickstarter dummy books printing proofs

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    Noiiiiice! There are so many rad folks who will have art books if this gets funded!
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    Hey, hey! It’s the dummy copies of what our books will look like if our Kickstarter gets funded!
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    Grace Allison shares some images and info about the Periscope Studio art books! If you have questions, we recommend...
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